Indian Foods: Diverse and Special

Foods play a very important role in maintaining health and keep you energetic all day long. Foods that we consume regularly or as special occasions vary depending on the geography and availability of the food along with the economic conditions. Each region in the country has a typical taste depending on the culture it exposed.

When we talk about cultural foods, it refers to foods that are the main ingredients in different regions of the country. There are a large number of cuisines popular in different regions, dishes and ingredients depending upon the focus on the locality.

Great diversity in Indian cuisine
Most Indian meals consist of different dishes from main ingredients such as rice, breads, vegetables and meats. They are made into different delicious dishes of different kinds depending on the ingredient. In many cases, people buy the natural food grains, process them and then consume. Whereas in an urban centre where people are too busy to buy raw food, process it and then use it. They go for pre-made/ready to eat foods instead. Life has become so hectic, and with an aim to taste according to the likes of one’s palate, people go for different foods staying at the same location. For example, staying even in a city in south India, you can easily afford to taste the north Indian cuisine.

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