Festivals: A Moment for Joy and Celebration

Each culture has a certain set of festivals in a year. Festivals evolved over a period and celebrated as per traditions. Festivals bring cheer to regardless of all age- groups. Festivals are also a method of commemorating important events, personalities, things, etc. in history that make great significance.

Why are festivals important for us?
People expect many things when a festival comes. You will have some time off from work because on the occasion of festivals your workplace is likely to remain closed and you get some time off.
You will get an opportunity to see you friends and relations at friends' gathering – maybe your friends and family will drop in to see you. We share our good wishes across all communities.

Bringing some change in the existing environment – festivals bring a bit of change all around. On festive occasions, we change a little the existing things say, replacing the wall paint with a new one. We also make our homes clean and make them look new.
Further, people also do shopping for a particular occasion because important purchases are made on festive occasions. Businesses would be looking for selling the entire produce.
Festivals bring happiness all around. Everyone is in jovial during the entire festival period and are optimistic.

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Happy festival!