Drug Abuse – the Growing Menace

Of late, more and more young people are using illicit drugs - substances that cause intoxication and cause harm to the individual's health, social and family life. The long-term consequences are disastrous unless policy measures such as educating the youth and right enforcement of the law. It’s been found such people are age 17-20 years.
On close observation, it’d reveal that youth adventuring into using drugs account for issues such as peer pressure at studies.
Why do young people go for drugs?

Today’s education system exerts a lot of pressure on the young minds, while there are lakhs of students looking for studies, there are barely a few thousand seats, leading to a precarious  situation.
Peer pressure
Further, peer pressure at workplace and issues with co-workers is likely to lead to the lack of focus, which is harmful to the person as well as the workplace as a whole.

There are also people who became a slave to drugs because they started for sheer experimentation because a friend or people who know them suggested going for illicit drugs. Initially, it might look giving relief, and as they keep on using the drugs, they reached the state of addiction. There’s no question of their going back!
The harmful effects
As the stage of addiction becomes worse, the user wants to consume a heavier amount of the substance. To meet that end, the user can go to any extent, stealing parents’ and others’ money because such people have the only object to get drugs and consume them.
Just looking at the individuals, they can know something undesirable is going on.

The individual no longer takes seriously their workplace responsibility/school/college. When they are home they may not attend tuition classes if they usually do.
They show indifference to people home or elsewhere. They become irritable and often become angry with fellow people.
They lose the motivation in work, studies or in what they do earn their living.    
They cannot sleep properly, lose appetite and weight.
If young people show the signs it’s time to check them and seek professional guidance.

To combat the growing menace of drug abuse, parents, guardians, school authorities, industries and businesses should take care to participate in measures undertaken by the authorities. They can help policy-making authorities and law enforcing agencies to enable better and effective implementation of various rehabilitation measures.